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Everyman Saturday – November 5th 2022

Park Road Park 5201 Fowler Farm Road, MInt Hill, NC, United States

Join a team, Compete, Make Friends, Be encouraged.
Come join us on Saturday November 5, 2022 for a day of competition, meet other men, eat food and be encouraged to find greater purpose in your life.


Everyman Saturday – January 7, 2023

13029 Bleinheim Lane Stallings NC 28104 13029 Bleinheim Lane, Stallings, North Carolina

Gentlemen, We are going to enter 2023 in one month, lets start it off in a purposeful way. I think I have learned a couple things that standout in my time that are true; having loving and strong men in your life is necessary, and taking risks makes life more fulfilling. My aim is to create […]


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